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Thinking Differently About Healthcare®

Founder and President of The Louden Network since 1983, Teri focuses on helping her client executive teams to challenge their current thinking and develop successful, market-driven strategies and tactics. These include addressing the fast changing needs of the medical and consumer health care customer, plus developing strategies to make the most of the e-health and telecommunications revolution. Ever since she began her career in 1977 with Baxter Travenol Laboratories, she has been widely known for her innovative, leading-edge thinking about healthcare, business, and management; and for her contagious enthusiasm and ability to help clients create exciting yet realistic visions and strategies.

Teri brings a unique combination of healthcare market, strategic thinking and group facilitation expertise to all of her client projects. Her work with clients includes strategic and marketing consulting as well as planning and facilitating company retreats, advisory boards, and key customer group sessions. She is an energetic, positive leader and motivator of strategic, creative group thinking. And as the name implies, Teri’s network across the entire health care spectrum is a powerful resource that she draws upon to add value to all projects, retreats and industry conferences and events.